Brian Mazoff -Winter Sunset

Brian Mazoff Exhibition “Distorted Perceptions”

Distorted Perceptions by Brian Mazoff.

Wednesday May 2, 2018  to Tuesday May 8, 2018 at Métèque Atelier d’art & Gallery.

Vernissage – Wednesday May 2, 2018 – 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Brian Mazoff paints contrived scenes, displaying saturated tones and exaggerated, skewed features. These reflect the cognitive dissonance established by memories tainted by fear, anger or enthusiasm. His own struggle with over 20 years of chronic pain has long been the dominant lens, though, as he has now entered a period of recovery, there is a greater sense of hope in some of the works, accompanied by a willingness to explore a fuller range of emotion.

While he initially began painting as a creative outlet at a melancholic time and as a way to remain connected to nature, his practice evolved into an exploration of medium. He tends to employ a slightly wild and erratic brushstroke, as his condition had made consistency and precision unattainable. Embracing spasticity provided an opportunity to develop a more fluid, natural style. There is a distinct appreciation for these accidental moments, as they inform his work with another, more direct form of struggle and distortion.


Brian Mazoff exhibition 2018 May
Brian Mazoff exhibition 2018 May at Meteque Atelier d’art

About Brian:

The images in my work are often stretched and contorted, displaying saturated tones or non-realistic shade, primarily relying on oil paints. This distortion is often the result of memory, fear and unbridled enthusiasm producing cognitive dissonance. Still, the work remains oriented towards traditions of impressionistic landscape, abstract and figurative painting, with influences ranging from J.M.W. Turner to Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris and Willem de Kooning.

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