Kevin Jenne Meteque NDG Exhibition

Kevin Jenne Exhibition “Land[e]scape”

A new style with new materials, made accessible for new collectors.

Vernissage – Wednesday June 14, 2017 at 5:00pm – Métèque Atelier d’art & Gallery

Exhibition runs until June 30th.

Kevin Jenne Meteque NDG Exhibition Kevin Jenne Meteque NDG Exhibition

About Kevin:

Born in Canada, Kevin Jenne was trained, encouraged and inspired at a young age by a variety of artistic mentors. Jenne’s earliest paintings where reminiscent of stained glass windows, a technique he calls “Intrinsic Illumination” which was followed by themes inspired by architectural motifs along with musicians. He paints in intense colours. Jenne favours deep contrasting hues against a shade of black to add vibrancy to the artwork, the luminescence seems to emanate from within the canvas. This style has continues through out his career.

By Dorota Kozinska

Landscape weaves through art like breath. It has inspired and guided artists from time immemorial and continues to this day, indomitable in the face of technological onslaught… Kevin Jenne picks up the vibe and transforms it into paintings at once classical and contemporary. But beyond anything else, his works are, oh, so very Canadian, and so very personal. They are an echo of this land, they are born of the same soil that the Group of Seven trod on, and yet they are unique to this artist, and a reflection of his spirit as much as of the energy that drives him. But at the same time they are the product of a particular creative itch, and the way Jenne translates his inner vision into painting is his alone.

His latest production is focused entirely on nature, landscape, and intrinsically, on an inner dialogue with his surroundings.These works are the culmination of a personal journey, both physical and emotional, their shape taking form while the artist is lost in the rapture of running in nature… It almost sounds like the motto for what he does, for motion is a major part of his creative process. Jenne works fast. Impressions have to be translated into a visual lexicon as fast as they appear, and that is a feat in itself. Alone in his studio, these impressions find an outlet in visual notations that resemble a continuous discourse with nature, as if the artist was still ensconced in its lap, while at the same time being in front of his canvas.

In his latest offering, ‘canvas’ in not the right word as these paintings are done on ‘terraskin’, medium created from stone, and an ideal material for expressing Jenne’s vision. What else could serve an artist reflecting nature than one born of it…

The nature depicted in Jenne’s paintings is nature transmuted, altered but emotionally, the branches and leaves are still discernible, but like in the gentle, sensuous lines of Quebec painter Marc-Aurèle Fortin (1888 -1970), they speak a different, softer pictorial language. What breaks through Jenne’s visual narrative is colour, and his palette adheres to nature just as does his subject matter and choice of medium. In works like Occasus the sky is exploding, sending shards of colour across the landscape, tinting the horizon with shimmering turquoise. The colours and shapes seem to collapse in more intimate compositions like Portal, in which an alleyway is transformed into a romantic pathway, undulating with shape and colour to the point of dizziness.

Fortin believed that “Canadian artists should take their inspiration from the countryside and progress towards a national art… We should excel in landscapes, exactly as the French do.”

Kevin Jenne must have heard that clarion call…

Dorota Kozinska is a writer, art critic, and journalist based in Montreal. Her art reviews and articles have been published extensively in Vie des Arts, Parcours informateur des arts, MagazinArt, Art Forum, and The Gazette, as well as broadcast internationally on CBC Radio. She is the author of numerous artists’ catalogues and an independent curator.

Kevin Jenne Meteque NDG Exhibition


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