Maryam Ramezankhani Calligraphy Exhibition "Like Nobody"

Maryam Ramezankhani Calligraphy Exhibition “Like Nobody”

Métèque is proud to announce its first artist in residence:

Maryam Ramezankhani

Her calligraphy exhibition “Like Nobody” will run from July 26th until August 14th at Métèque atelier d’art.

Vernissage, Thursday July 26th 2018, 5pm to 7pm.

Calligraphy is one of the oldest arts created by mankind. It is undeniably intertwined with literature, feelings and beliefs of people; and, Persian calligraphy enjoys the profound literature and ancient culture of its place of birth. It is, currently practiced in four main styles one of which is Shekaste Nasta’liq (cursive Nasta’liq). That is the style of works in ‘Like Nobody’ exhibition.

‘Like Nobody’ is mostly the presentation of Shekaste Nasta’liq’s cursive forms and fine motifs transformed into innovative compositions to share the artist’s hopes, concerns, and love with others.

The artworks are created by grasping the essence of various Persian poems and turning them into fine textures integrated with Persian calligraphy elements. Most of the poems are chosen from those of Forough Farrokhzad’s, the renowned Persian poet who is famous for her powerful and unique style in contemporary Persian poetry.

The works on display are mostly on paper and canvas using inks and acrylic colors. They are created/written by reeds, the special pen for Persian calligraphy, which can be in different sizes.

I find my true feelings ignited by the verses I read and then I choose the most powerful ones for my works. Then, the fired-up feelings help me do the rest. They guide my hands to depict what comes right out of my heart and mind. (Maryam Ramezankhani)

Maryam Ramezankhani Calligraphy Exhibition "Like Nobody"


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