Native Immigrant - Beadwork Workshop with BFFs - 2018 Oct

Beadwork Workshop with BFFs

Native Immigrant Beadwork Workshop…learn bugle beading, brick stitch & wrapping objects with glass Czech Bugles with Izzy Enright and Nico Williams.

Native Immigrant‎ - Voice from the Earth Writing Workshop 2018 Oct

Voice from the Earth – Writing Workshop

Native Immigrant – Voices from the Earth. An intimate, hands-on writing workshop to help us move from reflection to action by harvesting the wisdom in artwork, including Dress VII (Tionnhehkwen: Seeds of Life).

Dressmaking - Native Immigrant Art Hive - 2018 Oct

Dressmaking – Native Immigrant Art Hive

During this art hive, we will continue working on Native Immigrant’s 7th dress, entitled Tionnhehkwen: Seeds of Life. Bring your own item to add to the dress.

Native Immigrant - Cultural Appropriation vs Cultural Collaboration - 2018 Oct

Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Collaboration

Conversational circle: Cultural Collaboration vs. Cultural Appropriation. Come join us around Native Immigrant’s conversational circle conducted by Oskenontona Philip Deering, Mohawk Cultural Interpreter and Educator.