Past Exhibitions 2018

14 dec – 16 dec 2018

Inspirations – tableaux de l’avenir | Works for the Future

Inspirations – tableaux de l’avenir | Works for the Future, by Catherine Benny in collaboration with Kevin Jenne.

Vernissage – 2018 Dec 14  17h – 20h

Expo – 2018 Dec 15 & 16 12h – 17h

29 novembre – 13 décembre

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Venez-nous rejoindre pour le vernissage de l’expo documentaire Visages du Cap Breton le 29 novembre de 17h à 20h à La Galerie La Métèque (5442 ch. Côte St Luc) avec concert intime de Kyra Shaughnessy à 18h.

Une collaboration entre les artistes Ben Fry et Kyra Shaughnessy, Visages du Cap Breton explore, à travers une série de portraits et de discussions avec des individus de divers héritages (Mikmaq, Ecossais, Acadien, Breton, Basque…), des questions d’identité culturelle ainsi que le rôle de l’art dans la création de liens entre les peuples. En démontrant la richesse incroyable de cultures distinctes et vibrante qui coexistent sur l’île du Cap Breton nous souhaitons offrir un regard sur notre humanité partagée.


Ben Fry est un réalisateur, cameraman, monteur et … Photographe. Il a réalisé de nombreux courts métrages, videoclips, documentaires, sélectionnés dans de nombreux festivals depuis 15 ans. Il a toujours considéré l’appareil photo ou la camera comme un moyen de rencontrer l’autre, et c’est ainsi que l’art du portrait est devenu une passion. D’origine Française, il a vite été intéressé de découvrir les différentes origines qui constituent le muti-culturalisme Canadien. Après une première visite au Cap Breton en 2017, il a découvert que ces cultures restaient encore très vivantes, et que des gens se battaient pour garder en vie leurs langues, et les coutumes de leurs ancêtres. Dans un monde ou la pensée unique devient la norme, documenter ces communautés est devenu un acte nécessaire.

Kyra Shaughnessy est connue surtout pour sa carrière d’auteure-compositrice-interprete, avec 5 albums et plusieurs tournées à travers le Canada et l’Europe à son nom. Plusieurs années de collaboration avec des artistes issus de divers communautés, autant des immigrants que des premières nations, ainsi qu’une connexion plus profonde avec sa propre culture (Indo-Trinidadienne-Écossaise-Irlandaise et Anglaise, née et élevée au Québec) l’ont amenée à un intérêt pointu par rapport aux liens entre les peuples celtiques et les premières nations. Ça lui semblait naturel de marier ses recherches créatives continues avec le projet de portrait que Ben lui proposait.

Un grand Merci à Rolf Bauman, Jean François Gratton, Audrée Desnoyers, Marie Claude Lepine et SHOOT STUDIO pour l’aide apportée à la réalisation de cette exposition

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November 29th – December 13th


Join us for the launch of the photo documentary project Faces of Cape Breton November 29th from 5 to 7pm at the Gallery La Métèque (5442 Cote St Luc road) with musical performance by Kyra Shaughnessy at 6pm.

A collaboration between artists Ben Fry and Kyra Shaughnessy, Faces of Cape Breton explores questions of cultural identity and the role of art in cross-cultural peacemaking through a series of black and white film portraits and discussions with individuals of diverse heritage (Mi’kmaq, Scottish, Acadian, Breton, Basque…) across the island of Cape Breton. Through documenting the incredible richness of distinct, vibrant, coexisting cultural groups on the island we hoped to create a visual reflection of our shared humanity.

A big thank you to Rolf Bauman, Jean François Gratton, Audrée Desnoyers, Marie Claude Lepine and SHOOT STUDIO for their help in creating this exhibition.


Ben Fry is a director, cameraman, editor and…photographer! He has directed countless short film, video clips, documentaries, several of which have been selected in various festivals over the last 15 years. He has always considered his camera as a means of connecting with others, which is what led to his passion for portraiture. Originally from France, he was immediately fascinated by the multifaceted nature of Canadian multiculturalism. After visiting Cape Breton for the first time in 2017 he realized that that many ancestral cultures are still alive and that people are still struggling to maintain they languages and customs. In a world where homogeneous thinking has become the norm, documenting these communities has become essential.

Kyra Shaughnessy is best known for her career as a singer-songwriter, with 5 albums and tours across Canada and in the E.U under her belt. Several years of ongoing collaboration with artists of both First Nations and displaced/immigrant heritage, as well as a deepening understanding of her own background (mixed Trinidadian-Indian-Scottish-Irish-English, born and raised bilingually in Quebec…) have led to a specific interest in the connection between Celtic and First Nations peoples. It seemed only natural to combine her ongoing creative research with Ben’s idea of creating a series of portraits dedicated to culturally distinct and diverse members of the Cape Breton community.

Faces of Cape Breton exhibition 2018 Nov

October 25th – November 11th

The Art of Alter Ego

A two man show of paintings both Realist and Abstract, the likes of which have never been seen before, at an intimate gallery in NDG. Come by for an eye-opener, join the buzz and meet the Artist.

The Art of Alter Ego

By Dorota Kozinska

Pseudonyms are a common occurrence in the art milieu, particularly among writers who often publish under different names for a number of different reasons. The practice is less common in the world of visual art although here, too, examples are myriad: from graffiti artists such as Banksy or our own Stikki Peaches – actual names unknown -, to photographers like Brassaï (real name Gyula Halász) and Man Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky), not forgetting the gender-bending Marcel Duchamp as a sultry Rrose Sélavy, famously photographed by the above-mentioned Man Ray.

The idea of an artist and his/her alter ego is as seductive as it is inspirational, allowing for an artistic undercurrent to surface, subverting the creative process as it were, while channelling a different form of expression. Peter Aitkens decided to embark on just such an exciting adventure at a point in his long and well-established career that seemed to call for some creative licence. In need of a respected figure to consult about his work, rather than seeking, he created one in the person of “a 19th century artist living in the 21st”. Thus William Hosmer was born, “drawn” into life by Aitkens, insinuating himself splendidly into his reality and his paintings, the beginning of a fascinating tandem collaboration of a very unique kind. For while Aitkens retained his signature style and palette, Hosmer’s spirit proved to be unencumbered, tethered to neither time nor space, free to experiment at will. It also proved infectious.

In this exhibition, the enigmatic duo is presenting works that are unnervingly different, yet effortlessly coherent, dialoguing across the gallery space in a vibrant, visual lexicon. Aitkens tends toward the figurative, with bathers and canoeists at the heart of many of his compositions. Using acrylic on canvas, he is also adept at colourful city scenes, but it is the works “commissioned” by Hosmer that are truly intriguing. With the fictional character harking from, and enamoured of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York, its spectacular scenery has altered Aitkens’ visual expression and inspired a completely new medium. Fascinated by the feel and potential of Birch bark as a support surface, he has been creating wonderfully textured works where light plays a major role, as does nature from which the material and subject matter spring. Nature also provides the narrative in these semi-abstracted pieces, and is the thread that weaves through the entire production, whether Aitkens’ or Hosmer’s. From slivers of blue sky visible through a canopy of tall trees, to dense, light-dappled forest floor, the eye travels across each canvas as if guided by a gentle zephyr, finally alighting on the textured, at times woven from slim lenticels, compositions where abstract, almost geometric forms continue the pictorial voyage. This versatility, technical virtuosity and scope of visual expression, whimsical Hosmer notwithstanding, make Peter Aitkens a truly exceptional artist.

©Dorota Kozinska, 2018
Dorota Kozinska is a Montreal-based writer and art critic, and an independent curator.

About Peter Aitkens:

Peter Aitkens is an artist based in Montreal, Quebec and in the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. He has been a professional artist since 1974 and has shown in galleries in Montreal, Toronto, the United States, and Central and South America and has had more than 21 one-man shows.

Peter Aitkens artist - Birchmark - 2018 Oct

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From Iconography to Pop Art: Revisiting Historical Genres Exhibition

October 18-21, 2018

The vernissage will be Friday the 19th of October, from 6pm to 9pm. Wine and snacks will be served.

RSVP here:

The exhibit features four painters with four vastly different styles which, despite representing disparate time periods, somehow still hang well together. Iconography situates the work’s relation to European religious painting. Impressionism is rooted in the artistic push-back against the painting of the dark, broodish Barbizon School of painting. The abstract painting of the late 20th century divorced the non-figurative out of the the yolk of figurative painting, as anticipated by Turner in his abstracted sunset series. Pop art introduced and accentuated the introduction of cultural and consumeristic into the realm of high art. Each of these genres of painting has remained actively practiced through time. Here is a brief look at the work exhibited in this show.

Mike Sciortino
Once Mike discovered the thrill of applying paint to canvas, he has never looked back. “I can’t stop painting”, he says. “I can’t help myself. Please relieve me of some of my paintings so I can have some space at home to keep making more.”

Heather Hancheruk
Heather is a painter and a veteran visual art educator, having taught art to high school students for over 34 years. Through her artwork she has questioned the purpose of humankind, the nature of creation, and the presence of holiness in daily activities and life itself. Her paintings are offered to viewers to enjoy, and seek answers for one’s own journey toward wholeness.

Kathleen Menzies
The satisfaction from making art lies in the meditative aspects of observation, drawing, mixing colours, depicting values and contrasts. Paintings often begin with the application of colours, shapes, collage elements and lines to establish a background. Each layer informs the next. Painting is an intuitive process and can lead in many directions. Kathleen responds to the combinations of color and line, the relationships of shapes and edges or the interplay between pattern and scale as they appear.

Judith Brisson
Judith is an educator and an MFA graduate from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and an independent multidisciplinary artist who often creates, site-specific installations around ideas of peaceful resolution of conflicts. Her writing has been featured in NACLA, Siafu Magazine, and the Upstream Journal. In this show, Judith will present her return to neo-impressionistic landscape painting – a long-time love that emerges from the act of applying paint and the enjoyment of being out of doors.


Le vernissage aura lieu vendredi, le 19 octobre, de 18h00 à 21h00. Du vin et hors d’œuvres seront servis.

RSVP ici:

Cette expo de peinture propose quatre peintres qui se trouvent à pratiquer des genres de peinture vastement différents, mais qui se tiennent quand-même bien ensemble.

Mike Sciortino
Une fois découvert son amour pour l’application de la peinture sur surface, Mike ne s’est jamais demander pourquoi. « Je ne peux pas m’empêcher de peindre, » il dit. SVP m’enlevez quelques-unes pour que je puisse avoir de l’espace chez moi pour continuer à peindre!

Heather Hancheruk
Heather est peintre et prof de l’art visuel chez l’école secondaire depuis trente-quatre ans. À travers de son art, elle s’est questionner le pourquoi de l’être humain, la nature de la création et la présence du spirituel dans la vie quotidienne. Elle s’offre au public ses peintures dans leur cheminement vers l’intégrité personnelle.

Kathleen Menzies
La satisfaction de faire de l’art devient de l’aspect méditatif de l’observation, en dessin, mélange de couleurs et la représentation des contrastes et valeurs des couleurs. Ses peintures commencent souvent en plaçant de pigments, de formes, éléments de collage et des lignes, tous qui deviennent une surface de base. Chaque couche s’informe à la prochaine, un processus intuitif qui peut s’amener en plusieurs directions. Kathleen répond aux combinaisons de couleurs et de lignes, aux relations entre les formes et les bords, l’entrejeu de motif et échelle.

Judith Brisson
Judith est éducatrice et graduée du Vermont College of Fine Arts. Elle est une artiste Independent et pluridisciplinaire qui crée souvent des installations ou des actions, in-situes, reliés à l’idée des résolutions paisibles des conflits. Son écriture a été représentée dans les journaux Six Hens, NACLA, Siafu et The New Quarterly. Pour cette expo, Judith exposera son retour à la peinture pleine-aire, néo-impressionniste, qui l’a toujours plu comme processus.

From Iconography to Pop Art: Revisiting Historical Genres Exhibition

Native Immigrant présente / presents:

Visions de sémences – exposition internationale de perlage par des artistes autochtones et immigrants

30 septembre – 14 octobre 2018

Qu’est-ce qui vous nourrit? Un thème inspiré du concept mohawk de « tionnhehkwen » ou de ce qui est « instrumental pour la vie – graines de vie. »

Nindizhinikaaz // Nico Williams
Confection artistique de la robe Tionnhehkwen
Atelier de linogravure avec Martin Loft
Atelier d’expérience de perlage avec David White Deer Charette
Atelier de perlage avec Nico Williams et Izzy Enright
Atelier d’écriture avec Susan L. Scott
Cercle de conversation : Appropriation culturelle vs. collaboration culturelle

Visions of Seeds exhibit – international beadwork by Indigenous and immigrant artists

September 30th – October 14th 2018

What nourishes you? A theme inspired by the Mohawk concept of “tionnhehkwen” or that which is “instrumental for life – seeds of life.”

Nindizhinikaaz // Nico Williams
Linocut workshop with Martin Loft
Beading experience workshop with David White Deer Charette
Beadwork workshop with Nico Williams and Izzy Enright
Writing workshop with Susan L. Scott
Conversational Circle: Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Collaboration

Native Immigrant - Tionnhehkwen Visions of Seeds - 2018 Oct

PERSONAL JOURNEYS 2018 September Linda Rutenberg PERSONAL JOURNEYS 2018 September Linda Rutenberg

VOYAGES INTIMES 2018 septembre Linda Rutenberg

VOYAGES INTIMES 2018 septembre Linda Rutenberg

“Personal Voyages” Exhibition curated by Linda Rutenberg

Thursday September 13, 2018 to Wednesday September 26, 2018 at Métèque Atelier d’art & Gallery.

This exhibition features the works of Julie Couture, Michel Desrosiers, Richard Duret, Margaret Foley and Peter Gawel.

Une rétrospective des œuvres de Julie Couture, Michel Desrosiers, Richard Duret, Margaret Foley and Peter Gawel, organisée par Linda Rutenburg.

About Linda:

Linda Rutenberg started as a fine art photographer 30 years ago. She has a BFA in film and music and an MFA in Photography from Concordia University. Linda has taught photography and worked on projects which have resulted in fifteen publications and numerous exhibitions.

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Native Immigrant Dressmaking Exhibition

August 19 @ 12:00 – September 2 @ 17:00


Because we are all immigrants with different arrival dates, the term “immigrants” encompasses all who are not First Nations, Metis or Inuit, including those of Settler ancestry.

Native Immigrant (NI)’s collaborative art practice, dressmaking, is the thread connecting cultures and communities.

Seven dresses made between 2013 – 2018 (presented in Canada, Chile and soon Mexico). Carolina Echeverría’s retrospective of her Garments for Survival, dresses for immigration (1989 – 2013), the work that inspired NI’s dressmaking. Taís da Costa’s visual documentary exploration. Diego Ugalde De Haene (director of Compañía Banyan de Marionetas, Mexico) artist-in-residence exhibition. Judith Brisson’s series of photographs.

Join us in celebrating the bridges built since 2013!


Comme nous sommes tous des immigrants ayant des dates d’arrivée différentes, le terme « immigrants » englobe tous ceux qui ne sont pas des membres des Premières nations, des Métis ou des Inuits, y compris ceux d’ascendance coloniale.

La pratique artistique collaborative de Native Immigrant, la robe de l’immigrant de souche, est le lien qui unit les cultures et les communautés.

Exposant :
Sept robes réalisées entre 2013 et 2018 (présentées au Canada, au Chili et bientôt au Mexique). Rétrospective de Carolina Echeverría : Vêtements de Survie, robes pour l’immigration (1989 – 2013), l’oeuvre qui a inspiré Native Immigrant. L’exploration documentaire visuelle de Taís da Costa. Diego Ugalde De Haene (directeur de Compañía Banyan de Marionetas, Mexique) exposition d’artiste en résidence. La série de photos de Judith Brisson.

Joignez-vous à nous pour célébrer les ponts établis depuis 2013!

Native Immigrant Dressmaking Exhibition

Maryam Ramezankhani Calligraphy Exhibition “Like Nobody”

July 26 @ 12:00 – August 14 @ 17:00

Métèque is proud to announce its first artist in residence:

Maryam Ramezankhani

Her calligraphy exhibition “Like Nobody” will run from July 26th until August 14th at Métèque atelier d’art.

Calligraphy is one of the oldest arts created by mankind. It is undeniably intertwined with literature, feelings and beliefs of people; and, Persian calligraphy enjoys the profound literature and ancient culture of its place of birth. It is, currently practiced in four main styles one of which is Shekaste Nasta’liq (cursive Nasta’liq). That is the style of works in ‘Like Nobody’ exhibition.

‘Like Nobody’ is mostly the presentation of Shekaste Nasta’liq’s cursive forms and fine motifs transformed into innovative compositions to share the artist’s hopes, concerns, and love with others.

The artworks are created by grasping the essence of various Persian poems and turning them into fine textures integrated with Persian calligraphy elements. Most of the poems are chosen from those of Forough Farrokhzad’s, the renowned Persian poet who is famous for her powerful and unique style in contemporary Persian poetry.

The works on display are mostly on paper and canvas using inks and acrylic colors. They are created/written by reeds, the special pen for Persian calligraphy, which can be in different sizes.

I find my true feelings ignited by the verses I read and then I choose the most powerful ones for my works. Then, the fired-up feelings help me do the rest. They guide my hands to depict what comes right out of my heart and mind. (Maryam Ramezankhani)

Maryam Ramezankhani Calligraphy Exhibition "Like Nobody"

Chlag Amraoui Exhibition “Danse Avec La Vie”

June 14 @ 12:00 – July 15 @ 17:00

Chlag Amraoui Painting Exhibition 2018

“Danse Avec La Vie” Exhibition by Chlag Amraoui.

Thursday Jun 14, 2018 to Sunday Jul 15, 2018 at Métèque Atelier d’art & Gallery.

Hanieh Ziaei, Commissaire de l’exposition.

Chlag Amraoui invite celles et ceux qui acceptent de faire un pas de deux avec lui…

Que le bal s’ouvre pour donner libre cours à la mémoire volontaire et involontaire vacillant entre fragment et fragmentaire, entre le passé et le présent. De la fragilité de l’oubli émerge paradoxalement la force du souvenir. Les œuvres dialoguent entre elles et deviennent les témoins silencieux de la trajectoire de l’artiste.

Les visages impérissables et indélébiles de la mémoire, le regard inoubliable des femmes berbères qui se tiennent dans « la montagne fauve » de l’Aurès (situé à l’est de l’Algérie). Un hommage est ainsi rendu à la femme, à Kâhina, à la figure maternelle, à la relation complice entre Chlag et sa mère et ensuite à son lien indéracinable à sa fille, Daya.

Chlag Amraoui dépeint les visages oubliés et peint la délivrance qui rend la vie légère. Il facilite l’expression figurative de l’âme et libère le mouvement interdit du corps. Pourtant, l’artiste-peintre n’utilise jamais le pinceau mais crée avec ses propres outils, en passant, pour la présente série, de l’huile à l’acrylique. Rien n’est laissé au hasard, le parfait équilibre s’installe entre les traces entremêlées.

Chlag Amraoui parvient comme un alchimiste à faire du souvenir un art. Il prône la désobéissance aux dictats du temps, appelle au soulèvement face aux pensées égarées pour finalement parvenir à semer les germes de la « révolution copernicienne » de la mémoire. Cette résistance face à l’oppression, à la domination et à l’assimilation forcée vient de son héritage berbère.

Dans cette danse, un temps d’arrêt s’impose pour questionner les signes et les symboles et sentir la charge émotive qui se dégage de chaque fresque. Les couleurs entrelacées ne s’exhibent pas, elles valsent entre l’allégresse et le tourment. La respiration entre deux pas permet alors la distinction des silhouettes singulières qui se détachent de la foule solitaire. Une foule solitaire mais furtive, danse elle aussi, dans la brume de l’ivresse collective. Il est certes permis de trébucher tantôt sur l’inconnu tantôt sur le familier, la vie devient cette danse en deux temps, traversée par des couches d’une souffrance insoupçonnée que la quintessence esthétique nous pousse à oublier. C’est à partir de cette trajectoire d’une vie en exil, parfois douloureuse, que Chlag Amraoui n’a cessé de se faire et se défaire pour parvenir à être au monde avec une quiétude retrouvée, sans jamais éteindre le feu ancestral qui anime les veines de sa peinture. Un proverbe berbère le souligne « Les dents ont beau rire, le cœur sait la blessure qu’il porte ». En cette terre d’exil, on porte, en dansant, les traces du passé.

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Linda Rutenberg Exhibition “The Untamed Garden”

May 31 @ 12:00 – June 13 @ 17:00

Linda Rutenberg exhibition 2018 Jun


“The Untamed Garden” Photography Exhibition by Linda Rutenberg

Thursday May 31, 2018 to Wednesday Jun 13, 2018 at Métèque Atelier d’art & Gallery.

This exhibition is a photographic journey in the Linda Rutenberg’s kingdom of the garden at night. There, you will discover a theatrical universe of plants: their sensuality, colours, forms and textures. The Untamed garden at night is a world of dreams, desires and wishes. Come join her and discover the nature like you’ve never seen it before!

Cette exposition est un voyage photographique de Linda Rutenberg dans le royaume du jardin nocturne. Vous y découvrirez un monde théâtral, coloré et sensuel où gouvernent les plantes. La photographe, vous montre la nature comme vous ne l’avez jamais vue.

About Linda:

Linda Rutenberg started as a fine art photographer 30 years ago. She has a BFA in film and music and an MFA in Photography from Concordia University. Linda has taught photography and worked on projects which have resulted in fifteen publications and numerous exhibitions.

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Vues d’Afrique – Art ou artisanat Expo

May 8 @ 12:00 – May 30 @ 17:00

Art ou artisanat exhibition - 2018 May

Brian Mazoff Exhibition “Distorted Perceptions” Vernissage

May 2 @ 17:00 – 19:00

Brian Mazoff -Winter Sunset

Brian Mazoff Exhibition “Distorted Perceptions” Vernissage – Wednesday May 2, 2018 – 5:00pm to 7:00pm- Métèque Atelier d’art & Gallery

Exhibition runs until Tuesday May 8, 2018.

Brian Mazoff exhibition 2018 May

About Brian:

The images in my work are often stretched and contorted, displaying saturated tones or non-realistic shade, primarily relying on oil paints. This distortion is often the result of memory, fear and unbridled enthusiasm producing cognitive dissonance. Still, the work remains oriented towards traditions of impressionistic landscape, abstract and figurative painting, with influences ranging from J.M.W. Turner to Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris and Willem de Kooning.

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For the Birds

Exposition : du 22 mars au 15 avril / Exhibition : March 22 – April 15

“The reasons birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings” – J.M Barrie

“For The Birds” – un événement communautaire afin de nous inspirer à apprécier les oiseaux dans nos vies : leurs habitats sont des environné précaires dans nos villes; telles les zones humides du Technoparc situées dans l’arrondissement Ville Saint-Laurent.

Les poètes sont des oiseaux : tout bruit les fait chanter. Chateaubriand

For The Birds – a community event to raise awareness of the value birds have in our lives, the precarious environments they inhabit in our cities such as the wetlands of Technopark in the St. Laurent borough, and ultimately to celebrate our gratitude for their magical beauty.

Câline de blues

Intitulée “Câline de blues”, en l’honneur de la célèbre chanson de Gerry Boulet, cette exposition s’invite comme un antidote au Blue Monday, 3e lundi de janvier ayant été décrété jour le plus déprimant de l’année. Oui, il fait froid, oui, il fait sombre et oui, l’hiver est bel et bien installé. Pour passer à travers cette épreuve, prenons le contre-pieds et célébrons!

Entitled “Câline de blues”, in honor of Gerry Boulet’s famous song, this exhibition is an antidote to Blue Monday; the third Monday in January being the most depressing day of the year. Yes, it’s cold, yes, it’s dark and yes, winter is definitely truly settled. To get through this ordeal, let’s turn the gloom into bloom and celebrate!

Exposition : du 14 Janvier au 4 février / Exhibition : January 14 – February 4.

Artistes / Artists : Chlag Amraoui / Warren Baird / Hela Ben Ismail / Catherine Comtois / Jan Delikat / Krzysztof Doniewski / Carolina Echeverria / Beverly Farley / Frances Foster / Margie Gilbert / Olivia Lathuillière / Kevin Noordberg / Aleksandra Panic / Catherine Rondeau / Barbara Sala / Susan Shulman / Francesca Tallone

Une collaboration / A collaboration : Diversité artistique Montréal (DAM), l’Atelier d’Art Métèque et le Café Mariposa. Tous les profits iront à l’organisme Chez Doris. / Proceeds will go to Chez Doris.