Past Exhibitions 2019


SALON d’ART NDG 3 intends to showcase local emerging and established artists.

The opening of the Salon d’Art NDG 3 will take place on the 26th of September, 2019 at 5 pm. Open to the public.

Exhibition runs from the 26th of September, 2019 to the 12th of October, 2019.

Salon d'art NDG 3 - 2019

Exposition “Make It Sweet” Exhibition

May 15th to June 9th 2019

Du 15 mai au 9 juin 2019

make it sweet

Julia Pomeroy & Carolina Echeverria


Les artistes Carolina Echeverria et Julia Pomeroy vous invitent a une exposition de leurs toiles colorées fêtant la douceur et la simplicité de vivre. Venez respirez, vous inspirer et vous réjour dans une atmosphère de bonheur et de légèreté.

My friend Julia Pomeroy said, ‘people need some levity these days’. I don’t know about you — but I do — Life has its turns and, sometimes, it is difficult to focus on what is good, and sweet, and beautiful.

So, on a train ride to Toronto, I realized I had no time to come up with something new and different and exciting – nor did I feel like doing so. Instead I went through my phone pictures and saw all the beauty I had been blessed with. My kids, my youngest daughter and our insane dachshunds, my baby sister had a baby!! Julieta….
When I saw Julieta, I started a new series called “Julieta Mi Amor”… all the beauty I wanted to show Julieta. Well, for now, Julieta has shown me more beauty than i could ever show back.

So this is it – MAKE IT SWEET, a small collection of all the blessings and sweetness I have gathered this last year.

Julia Pomeroy & Carolina Echeverria Exhibition | Exposition
Julia Pomeroy & Carolina Echeverria Exhibition | Exposition

Les Tapissiers de Saint Henri Exposition- Saint Henri Rug Hookers Exhibition

May 9th to May 12th

A vibrant textile arts exhibition.

Bienvenue au monde des tapissiers / Welcome to the world of rug hooking

Carolina Echeverria, Chlag Amraoui and Beverly Farley

2019 –  works from our permanent collection

Carolina Echeverria - 5571
Carolina Echeverria – 5571
Chlag Amraoui Painting
Chlag Amraoui Painting
Carolina Echeverria - 5531
Carolina Echeverria – 5531
Beverly Farley image1
Beverly Farley image1
Beverly Farley image2
Beverly Farley image2